Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bride of Red Sea

'' Bride of Red Sea'' is my first photography project which i was working on during a photography workshop organized by the British Council and run by the British photographer, Olivia Arthur, Magnum Photos (http://www.oliviaarthur.com/) in March 2009.

Saudi Arabia is an Islamic conservative country. One of the traditions in this country is to wear Hijab which is called (Abaya); it’s a black dress that every woman must wear when ever she wants to leave her house for any reason and it covers all her body besides the scarf that covers her hair as well.

One of the cities in Saudi Arabia is called Jeddah (Bride of Red Sea) which is less conservative than others cities due to different people who are living there; different races, cultures, religions, nationalities & others.

One of the famous places to visit is the Red Sea that where you can enjoy watching different sculptures, people having their picnic, small booths where you can buy ice-cream, grilled corn, water & juice & others. You can find people playing on their bicycles and skating all over the Kornich road. Some are sitting down with the family beside their cars to listen to music and having Shesha. Some is having BBQ & others who enjoy fishing.

There are open areas for public to swim and because it’s mixed and open to every one so conservative women can't take off their Abaya, so they swim with their clothes and Abaya unless they go to the private beach where they can swim without their Abaya.

The most famous thing is the big fountain which is very nice and people go there to sit in front of it and enjoy watching it all the time.

One of my photos was chosen by Cambridge University in UK to be published in their calender for May month 2010.

My project "Bride of Red Sea'' has been also exhibited at My Father's House Exhibition organized by the British Council in Dec. 2009.

Today, 18th Dec. 2010, The "Bride of Red Sea" blog has been published on Green Prophet website by Tafline Laylin:


  1. congratulations on the new blog, it looks great! looking forward to seeing more soon.

  2. الف الف مبرووووك يا ديدي
    ماشاءالله الصور طالعة مررة روعة
    وللأمام دائما يا سكرة

  3. it looks great
    I like it
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  4. Diana.. The blog and the photos look great.. All the best to you.. Keep on..